Liquid polish now included in our full valet

Our liquid polish shines and protects. Due to it’s ease of use we have added it into our full valet at no extra cost giving you peace of mine your vehicle is protected. 

9th March 2018 0

Fallout remover now standard

We remove brake contaminants as standard with our half and full valets. Brake dust is an aggressive contaminant  and can eat into the paint if not removed. We like to go that extra mile by treating the wheels during the wash process saving you money in the future. 

9th March 2018 0
bumper scuff

Bumper Scuff?

We can remove most bumper scuffs/paint transfer without the need for paint and expensive repair costs. Please contact us with a picture of the scuff for a price. NOTE we can not repair damage that has gone through the top coat. Corner Bumper from £25                    

9th March 2018 0